Apr 27, 2012

Parks Improvements in Eastlakes

Among the constant work and upgrades of our parks there are a couple of recent bits of work that I thought worth passing on to our residents. 

We’re about to upgrade Jerome Dowling Reserve, which will not a big park is a unique one, located as it is between the two cul-de-sacs that are features of Mascot Drive in Eastlakes. The park makes a nice split to Mascot Drive. There will be new landscaping, a connecting walkway to Barber Avenue, pavements, seating, lighting and a refresh to the playground. This will give this small but well used piece of green a whole new look – and one locals are looking forward to. 

Also down in Eastlakes, Bridget Tight Reserve on Evans Avenue has a new post and rail fence, giving it a more rural feel. Not that you’ll find any farm animals behind the post and rail fence but you will find a playground for the children and some shaded spaces to relax.

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