Oct 30, 2010

Great Day at Mascot Library

If you weren’t at the special Mascot Library open day last Saturday, October 23 then you really missed out on a great community celebration – and some special treats.  To mark the reopening of the library after our extensive renovations – and an expansion – library staff hosted a day for just about everyone in the community.  It was a great way to reintroduce the library in Hatfield Street, Mascot and the George Hanna Memorial Museum.  By Monday everyone was still talking about the open day and the revamped library and museum.

Talking of the museum, the exhibition on Daceyville’s rich past is building in popularity and well worth a visit.  As Australia’s first public housing scheme, Daceyville has a unique history and through the exhibition that history unfolds. What was a dust bowl, sand everywhere, was Sydney’s first planned urban area with generation after generation of proud residents.  It is well worth a look when you check out our new community asset – the Mascot Library.

Here are some of the pictures of the great day. 

Oct 23, 2010

Helping Learner Drivers

It’s the last one for the year – and it’s an opportunity to help our young learner drivers by helping their parents and supervisors.

Council works with the RTA is organising and running workshops not only to help learner drivers become better drivers but also as a way to reduce serious accidents.  Statistics show that drivers aged between 17 and 20 are three times more likely to be involved in serious accidents.  Anything we can do to reduce that is worthwhile.

When we had the last workshop, just under 40 parents of aspiring young drivers came along and all felt it was a positive step. The workshop focuses on helping Parents and Supervisors of learner drivers, and the Graduated Licensing Scheme, which requires learner drivers to have 120 hours of supervised driving practice. Places are limited and the free workshop will be held on Thursday November 18 from 5.45 - 7.45pm.  For further inquiries and registration please contact Patrick or Yasemin on 9366-3889.

Oct 22, 2010

Locals have no taste for McDonald's

Southern Courier 19 October 2010 by Leesa Smith.

"Police and residents fear crime will spike again in Eastlakes if the development of a new 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant is given the green light.

A development application for the fast food venue at 279 Gardeners Rd is proposing to be built next to a previous McDonald’s store which had 24-hour-trading with a drive-through service.

Mascot crime manager Mike Birley said crime had dropped 15 per cent in Eastlakes since the restaurant on Racecourse Pde closed in August, 2007.
Detective Inspector Birley said the crimes included assaults, robberies, malicious damages, and break and enters, but did not include the significant anti-social behaviour caused from the youths using the venue as a meeting point.

He said the problems spilled out onto the park across the road and the South Point shopping centre.

“I would anticipate if another one is built we would potentially see a similar increase in crime in and around the area of McDonald’s,” he said.
“It was used by the youths for drinking and drug use but now that’s reduced because there is nothing to actually bring them to the area. But if they’ve got a food outlet they can readily access then they will utilise the park as well.”

Eastlakes resident Davina Mayfield has a petition of 200 signatures from locals who have not been informed about the application and who have the same concerns as the police.

She said Botany Bay Council originally only gave residents seven days to submit objections, but she asked for an extension, which was granted until October 29.

“Residents said they have really tried to clean up the area and the closure of McDonald’s did make a massive difference,” she said. “It’s just going to encourage kids to hang out there at all hours and just cause problems.”

A council spokesman said the process for the development was still at a very early stage and council was waiting on further information from the applicants."

Mascot Library and Museum Open Day Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the newly refurbished Mascot Library and Museum will host an Open Day tomorrow Saturday October 23 to showcase its new look.

There will be a few some freebies as well as the added attraction of a sausage sizzle and animal farm.  Remember the Daceyville exhibition is on display at the museum, which is fascinating. The Library will be open from 10am to 2pm. Look forward to seeing you there.  The Daceville exhibition is fascinating.

Congratulations to John and Phyllis Reeves on their 60th Wedding Anniversary

On October 28, John and Phyllis Reeves of Vernon Avenue, Eastlakes will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. On behalf of all the people of our City I want to extend my congratulations to John and Phyliss on reaching this great milestone of life.

Oct 21, 2010

Rhyme Time Mascot Library

A popular activity with our local babies and toddlers.  Rhyme Time at Mascot Library is Wednesday 10.30am to 11.15am.

Port Botany ­ Facts or Fiction

For the last couple of editions, the Southern Courier has carried articles revolving around expansion of Port Botany, as well as a story on the official opening of the some community facilities that were part of the approval of terminal three.
As part of the first article, Sydney Ports Corporation advised that it could not give a forecast of expected trade and throughput for the next 30 years, adding that throughput is capped at 3.2 million teu’s, or twenty foot equivalent – containers in our understanding.
As one who has followed port development very closely, this rang untrue to me.  By checking submissions received by Infrastructure Australia as part of its development of a National Ports Policy, my inclinations proved to be correct.
The Australian Government, through Infrastructure Australia, is developing a National Ports Policy and an associated National Freight Policy. Part of that strategy development is to issue discussion papers and then call for submissions.  That, Infrastructure Australia did.
It was strange to me that while the Port of Melbourne, Port Kembla, Geraldton in Western Australia, the Maritime Union of Australia, the National Farmer’s Federation and the NSW Business Chamber, among others, made submissions Sydney Ports Corporation did not.  Seeing as it is the second largest container port in Australia, the absence from making a formal submission seemed strange indeed.
However, the NSW Department of Transport did and buried in that submission is an admission that would surprise no one.
The Department refuted the IA forecast and, quoting what it described as the trade simulation that NSW agency, Sydney Ports Corporation, is developing has an average growth rate of just under 6%, which puts container trade in 2029/30 at 5.8 million.
When queried about this inconsistency by the Southern Courier, Sydney Ports Corporation says this week that yes it gave the figures to the Department of Transport but that the figures were only preliminary.
In reality, the 5.8 million figure has been privately acknowledged by Sydney Ports Corporation for some time.  The corporation tends to dismiss the formal ministerial approval of Terminal 3 and the cap of 3.2 million teu’s.
The view held by the corporation is that, when necessary, it will gain government approval for the higher throughput.
What this means to the residents of our City, and those of our neighbours, is chaos, congestion, environmental disasters, noise and a diminution of our standard of living.
Foreshore Road, Bunnerong Road, sections of Botany Road, the M5East and M5West, Southern Cross Drive, the Eastern Distributor and all the streets and roads in between will feel the impacts.
Even with the mythical 40 per cent of movement by rail, we would still see 3,500,000 containers go via road.  If rail handled 30 per cent (and that is about the top of the real estimates), then over four million containers would be on our roads.
Either 30 per cent or 40 per cent would still mean more containers on the road than would go through the port at the capped level of 3.2 million.
I realise some people think I harp on this too often, but unless we keep the debate going we won’t get government action to enforce a transport mode shift from road to rail.  Unless we get that mode shift, what we’re looking at is almost beyond contemplation.
We won’t be able to use any of the roads out of our city – they will be blocked constantly and for the sake of the future for our residents, this debate must be continued.

Oct 15, 2010

Garden Competition Winners

It’s that time of year when, after exhaustive judging, we can announce the winners in the various categories of our Annual Garden Competition.  While there are winners, I always think that everyone who enters is a winner. All those who proudly show off their green thumbs – and those of us who just spend time in the garden – all contribute to making our City look good, whatever the time of year – even in winter.  I congratulate everyone who has been part of this year’s competition on their efforts and their hard work. I’ll be able to do that at our presentation evening. Wander around our streets and you can get the real benefits of our local gardens – private and commercial. Rather than a fitness walk or run, have an amble and take in what many of our locals have done to make their homes, and our City, look better.  
This year it was very competitive and while some familiar names grace the winners’ list there are some new comers.  
The winners for 2010 are:

1st Kolbe Family, Botany, 2nd Phillip Tomczyk, Daceyville, 3rd Roy Bilton, Botany while Jason and Riley McFadyen of Daceyville gained a Highly Commended.

1st Pene, Logan & Hayden Ingle, Botany; 2nd Pam Vose, Mascot; 3rd Jason and Riley McFadyen, Daceyville;   Highly Commended: Sarah and David Callan of Eastlakes.

Here we had two taking 1st place Dulcie Whitmore of Daceyville and Roy Bilton of Botany; 2nd Lorraine Henderson, Daceyville; 3rd Phillip Tomczyk, Daceyville with Maria Varga of Mascot: Highly Commended.

1st Helen McLeod of Botany; 2nd Pene, Logan & Hayden Ingle, Botany; 3rd Jason and Riley McFadyen, Daceyville with Sofia Hasapis of Mascot being recognised with a Highly Commended.
1st Rita and Angelo Propoggia, Eastlakes; 2nd Guiseppe Raco, Mascot; 3rd The Leon Lachal Community Garden, Eastlakes while Nadia Hampartzoumian, Mascot and Pene, Logan & Hayden Ingle of Botany were all Highly Commended.
1st The Kolbe Family, Botany; 2nd Jason and Riley McFadyen, Daceyville; 3rd Danielle Pretty, Botany and Brad Humphries of Botany was Highly Commended.

1st Goodman International, 2-12 Beauchamp Road, Matraville; 2nd ING, 10-14 McPherson Street, Banksmeadow; 3rd Goodman International, McPherson Street, Banksmeadow while Botannix Studio Cafe, Botany and Sue Riley, 14-16 Green Street, Banksmeadow were both Highly Commended.
1st Banksmeadow Public School; 2nd John Brotchie Nursery School; 3rd The Leon Lachal Community Garden, Eastlakes; Highly Commended: Mascot Public School.
1st Greenwood Apartments, Botany; 2nd Meriton Apartments, 635 Gardeners Road, Mascot; 3rd 19-21 Church Avenue, Mascot.  
OVERALL WINNER FOR AN OUTSTANDING GARDEN:  Pam Vose of Mascot, who, in the words of the judges presented a delightful garden of artistic surprise at the front with a relaxing garden in the rear with trees and mirrors.

Mascot Library Open Day October 23

The newly refurbished Mascot Library will host an Open Day on Saturday October 23 to showcase its new look.  

To celebrate there will be a few some freebies as well as the added attraction of a sausage sizzle and animal farm.  The Daceyville exhibition is on display at the museum, so it is well worth a wander through.  The Library will be open from 10am to 2pm. Look forward to seeing you there.  The Daceville exhibition is fascinating.

Swim with Libby Trickett October 24 at Botany Bay Municipal Pool Complex

Sunday October 24 the Black Dog Institute is holding a fundraising event at the Botany Bay Big Splash Municipal Pool, Myrtle Street, Botany.  

Everyone is invited to come along and support Libby who will be joined by Ky Hurst and Brendan Capell for a 100 x 100 (10 km) challenge.  Patrons can relax to the sounds of the Enormous Horns Jazz band, and watch the swimmers do the hard work!  But we do ask that you encourage them with a donation on the day.  The action gets under way from 9.45am and goes till 2pm. The Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering

Oct 8, 2010

Hensley Athletics Field Today

Think Believe Create 
Hensley Field view from Grandstand Southern Side

Henslsy Field Eastern Side looking North

National Water Week ­ Free Water Crystal

National Water Week starts Sunday 17th October and serves as a timely reminder to us all about the need to conserve our most precious natural resource. Our City is very fortunate to have access to bore water to assist with irrigating our playing fields and watering our streetscape plantings. We are also doing our part by using the backwash water at the Pool to irrigate Booralee Park, installing water tanks for watering, cleaning and for the flushing of toilets, installing water saving devices throughout our facilities and promoting recycling.

All of these initiatives help to reduce our reliance on tap water. To help promote National Water Week we have a limited number of free RainSaver water crystals sachets for use on plants to give away through our Central Library at Eastgardens. Just call into the Library next week to pick up your free sample - be quick, stocks are limited.

Remember, every drop counts!

Oct 5, 2010

Bowen Scholarship

For those of you who are thinking about further studies in 2011 then after the exams are all done give some thought to applying for our Lionel Bowen Scholarship.  Applications don’t close until after the first round of offers next year, so put it in your diary to look at December!  The winning applicant can apply to be reimbursed for up to $2000 expenditure for their studies.  This can include books, computers, ipods, study desks, excursions or travel to and from uni or your place of study.  

Applications can be downloaded from the website, or picked up from Council or if you call my office on 93663600 one can be mailed to you. Just remember to apply you must be a resident of the City of Botany Bay.

Aged Pensioners Pool Pass

Just a reminder if you are an Aged Pensioner who lives within the City of Botany Bay entry is free.  Simply fill in an application form when you arrive at the pool for your first visit and you will be issued with your season pass.  Aged Pension Cards must be shown. The season pass is not transferable and admits only one aged person.  The pool, home of the Botany Big Splash Waterslides, opened its gates for the summer over the weekend.  Hopefully the weather will be kind and we will all have a great season enjoying the activities on offer including the 50 metre pool, the toddlers wading pool and the well kept grass area together with picnic tables and barbeques.  

Oct 1, 2010

Do Not feed the Birds

In the old Mary Poppins movie Julie Andrews sings “Feds the Birds” and shows an old lady in Hyde Park feeding the pigeons.  That may have been ok 46 years ago, but today we strongly urge our residents NOT to feed the pigeons.  Pigeons today are a pest in our suburbs as they scavenge for food.  I have received some ongoing concerns from residents regarding pigeons and the big question is always how to get rid of them.  There are Pest Control who specialise in Bird control, or there are a range of items that one can purchase, such as a Bird Gard Kite or pigeon spikes that can be attached to flat areas or one can simply tie shiny fabric that floats in the breeze to deter them.

Please I urge all our residents DO NOT FEED these birds your old bread scraps, either in your back yard or our parks, as it cause problems for your neighbourhood.  A good website is http://www.birdgard.com.au