Jun 3, 2012

Trees and Leaves

We’re well into Autumn and this time of year means the deciduous trees lose their leaves – that’s Nature and there’s nothing we can do about that. The deciduous trees let the light shine through up and down our streets during Autumn and Winter and give us shade in Spring and Summer. 

We plant them specifically for those reasons as well as the softening impact trees have on our streetscape. I’m often staggered when people contact me and other Councillors suggesting that we get rid of the trees because leaves build up in the streets and footpaths.

Our outdoor staff and the street sweepers are constantly on the move and cleaning up the leaves – and other rubbish left not by Nature but by humans. I make no apology for the number of trees we’ve planted over the years, something I know the overwhelmingly number of residents agree with. 

The Autumn leaf drop will soon come to an end and I hope along with it the few people who want the trees removed to stop what they think is a “leaf problem”. It’s no problem and the trees will remain – and so too the leaves

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