Sep 11, 2010

Come visit Audaciousville!

As many of our residents already know, Daceyville has a rich past – and now we’ve made it the theme of our 2010 History Week celebrations. We have opened  a comprehensive exhibition about Daceyville at George Hanna Memorial Museum, which is collocated with our revamped and upgraded Mascot Library in Hatfield Street at Mascot.

As Australia's first public housing scheme, the neighbourhood has a unique history. This exhibition travels to all corners of its past, from the dust bowl it once was to its pioneering role in Sydney's use of town planning. You will see the lives of families who have called Daceyville home and learn how the suburb was nearly destroyed in the 1970s. Charles Wade may have criticised and nicknamed the suburb "Audaciousville" back in 1912, but as this exhibition will show, there is something to being daring and bold.   The exhibition will run for some months and it will be well worth a visit – and you can have a look at the great additions in the Library.

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