Sep 21, 2010

Playgrounds - upgrades and improvements

Our outdoor staff are very excited about two new “regional” playgrounds that are underway and, when finished, will complement the very popular Booralee Park playground, in Botany.  If you’re around Jellicoe Park you’ll see that excavation is progressing for the new playground.

The first lot of new equipment is due in the next week or so and we plan to have this new playground open for the Christmas school holidays.  The new playground in Sir Joseph Banks Park is about 40% done and we plan to have it at a safe level by the end of next month – for “testing” by the kids who live in the area.  All other playgrounds  - there are 46 in total, varying in size – are also being inspected in preparation for the warmer months when the kids have energy to burn on swings, slides and all the other playground equipment.  Some of our smaller ones, which meet the needs of the children living nearby, need some updated equipment and soft fall and the like. We’ll be doing the work progressively as we match population statistics to playgrounds.  What we do is check the population figures, see where there are children of different age groups and plan playgrounds to meet the particular needs.  

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