Aug 6, 2011

Metrobus Route 20

At last month’s meeting of Council, I raised concerns about the operation of the Metrobus Route 20, which I and other Councilors had received from, local residents.  As everyone is aware, this service runs between Botany and Gore Hill via North Sydney and Crows Nest, and is, according to the State Government’s State Transit, a popular service.

The concerns raised with us, predominately from people in Banskia, Edward and Daniel Streets in Botany, revolved around the actual size of the buses.  The Metrobus is a “bendy” bus and, as such, can only do a complete turnaround in a few spots – and it is certainly not able to do a “U” turn on Botany Road. The problem outlined was that to begin its return journey, the Metrobus goes around Edward Street, Daniel Street and Banksia Street to get back onto Botany Road at the set of traffic lights at the Botany Road and Banksia Street intersection. Parking, congestion and noise in otherwise quiet streets were the central causes of concern.

In view of the residents’ issues being raised with Council, I asked for the Metrobus route to be put before the Local Traffic Committee so that the views of the Botany residents can be examined.I must stress that this is not a Council issue and we have neither the jurisdiction nor responsibility for determining bus routes.  What we can do, however, is put the views of our residents before those who actually determine the routes. After discussing my concerns the Local Traffic Committee decided  that Sydney Buses are to refer the item to the Department of Transport to consider and assess the option of left turn into Stephen Road and then left into Swinbourne Street, William Street, Banksia Street to Botany Road, and also the option of left turn into Bay Street, proceed to layover adjacent to Booralee Park, then turn right into Jasmine Street and right into Banksia Street to Botany Road. Sydney Buses will report back  following referral to the Department of Transport. I will keep residents informed.

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