Dec 10, 2011

Nature Strip SOS

It is that time of year when I send out an SOS to our residents to assist us with the maintenance of our nature strips.  With the hot weather and intermittent rain the grass, and unfortunately weeds, are growing like wild fire.  In the last week alone it looks like all our nature strips are filled with dandelions (those yellow flowers which turn to fluffy balls the kids love to pick and blow everywhere!).  Please, if you are mowing your own lawns on the weekend it would be appreciated if you could run the mower over the nature strip to keep our City looking good.  Council mows the nature strips on a block system, which means each street is done every eight to 10 weeks.  We try and get around more frequently in summer but it is difficult.  So if you can lend a hand it would be very much appreciated by both council and your fellow residents.

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