Dec 21, 2011

Welcome to our Sister City Councillor

It has given me great pleasure to welcome to Australia, and to our City, Councillor Giorgio Fantuz, from our Sister City in Gaiarine, Italy. Councillor Fantuz is on a private family visit but has graciously made time to visit our City and I am very appreciative that he has found that time to join us.The City of Botany Bay and the Community of Gaiarine have shared a long friendship which spans more than 25 years. 

Councillor Fantuz is now a second generation member of the Council of Gaiarine, who is continuing to build on that friendship.  His father Vittorino Fantuz, a former Councillor and Mayor, was involved in the original ceremonies, which saw the hand of friendship extended to the City of Botany Bay. His father, and his god-father, Councillor Romeo Antoniolli, both played a major role during the early years to establish the sister city bond that now exists between our two Cities.

Now Giorgio is a young man who, like his father and god-father, has put himself forward to make a positive contribution to his community by taking an active role in local government.  I commend him for his commitment and the role he will play in shaping his community in the years ahead. 

It has been a great honour for myself, and my fellow Councillors, to welcome Giorgio to the council meeting on Monday night.  We are indeed privileged. We send greetings to your father, Vittorino, and your god-father Councillor Romeo Antoniolli, and your family, as well to your Mayor, Loris Sonego, your fellow Councillors, Aldermen and the Citizens of Gaiarine.

We wish you a most enjoyable time during your stay here in Australia.

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