May 11, 2012

Garden Competition

Although it’s more than a month before we circulate the brochures for this year’s Garden Competition, I thought I’d remind all our keen local gardeners to begin planning how they will present their gardens to our judges. This year will be the 25th Garden Competition and although we won’t have a silver theme the trophies that we’ll present in October or November will definitely be silver. All good gardeners (and this is one area where I can’t claim any particular expertise) will have planned how their gardens will look in Spring and through Summer. There will be the ten categories covering everything from edible to native and through to commercial and residential complex gardens. All the details will be in the Garden Competition brochure that we’ll circulate to everyone in June for the closing of entries on August 31st. So it’s time now for the planning, getting rid of the weeds (which have grown all too much with the rain and humidity), fertilising and getting the planting ready. I will give a few more reminders of the Garden Competition in the week’s ahead so we get as many entries as possible – and there are some great prizes.

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