May 11, 2012

Mascot Playground Unveiled

At the end of last week signs depicting the upgrade of the playground and parkland surrounding Mascot Oval were put up as part of our community consultation. The parkland and playground will stretch between Coward Street and Forster Street to the east of Mascot Oval. 

A circle on the Coward Street side is proposed to become the village green (with a bus shelter entrance way to Coward Street) bounded by a walkway with special lounge-type seating. The pathway leads to the playground with a split between equipment for younger and older children. 

It’s proposed to have timber boardwalks, mulched play areas, sand and water areas and BBQ and picnic facilities. 

What we’re looking for now are reactions and comments from local residents to see if what we’re proposing can be refined by local views. 

This will be an exciting open space in our City and will provide both recreation and quiet places for the growing number of Mascot residents. The sign is located on the construction fence inside the park, which can be accessed from both Coward Street and Forster Street and there’s also a copy of the masterplan in the foyer of our Administration Centre in Coward Street. 

We’d like comments and reactions to my office at Eastgardens or via email by the middle of June. After that we get started on this new community asset.

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