Aug 4, 2012

A great idea if you have a little time

I had a lovely letter from the President of the Randwick Botany Little Athletics, Mr Tony Vecellio, who has put forward what I believe is a really good idea. Tony is looking for local seniors who have some time on their hands to become involved in his club.

He has a number of positions, such as time keepers, place judges or general helpers, which are not too difficult, and not to strenuous, but might interest some of our seniors who would like to be a little more active and involve. As well as helping the club you would also have the wonderful experience of mixing with and mentoring our many young athletes. If you are interested give Tony a call on 93494862.

No experience is necessary, Tony will provide any training necessary to ensure that you are well equipped for the task when Little A’s get back into full swing in September. Tony wrote: "Mr Mayor we would be happy to welcome them and encourage them and show them how valuable they are … " so don’t be shy he is waiting for your calls.

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