Aug 5, 2012

Thank you Botany Bay residents you have touched me deeply with your gracious and kind remarks

I have been really touched by so many letters and emails received recently about my decision to seek the support of fellow residents for election as the State Member for Heffron on the Saturday, August 25.

That decision meant I could no longer continue in the office of Mayor of the City of Botany Bay. All those letters and emails are kind and gracious, each expressing disappointment. I will write back to everyone who so kindly wrote to me. I thought, however, I will publish one of those letters without the name and address of the author.

"Dear Mr Hoenig, 

Re: You’re Resignation, 

Mr Hoenig, let me start by saying I am not happy with the news of your resignation. 

I first moved to Botany in 1967 as a 12 year old with my parents. My father’s work had him transferred to Botany, we were living in Drummoyne before that. 

You can imagine how I felt at the time, living in a bare unattractive and polluted suburb. I hated it. 

Then you came along. Well need I say more, for all you have done for this unbelievable little suburb and time has proven it. I am married with a family. My husband wanted us to move to Kensington when we married, but I fought to stay here for the way you transformed Botany . Thank you for the support you have given all us residents and let’s not forget that ‘Hail Storm’ when Botany Council was by our side helping us all as usual. When our rates are not paid on time, no threatening letters, when the elderly are unable to mow their lawns you are there I could go on and on. One of the best things you have accomplished is that the Council is not in debt and you have always put money back into the community. 

Now let’s see how our new Mayor stands up to you. We all know this will not happen so you can understand why I am not happy in you going. I have always felt safe, secure and justified with you leading the helm. 

One more bit of information, I have always voted Liberal, all my life. I have only ever voted Labour for you and you only. So I guess those days are now over. I do not think the Labour Party is worthy of you and your ethics. You will always be the only time I have voted Labour. 

With all the above aside, I can only wish you every bit of success and happiness in your future as you so deserve it. I hope they treat you as good as you have treated myself and all the residents in Botany. 

Yours faithfully,"

To all our residents as I said a couple of weeks ago when the Labor Party announced my decision to seek election to state parliament I said that I’ve been Mayor of the City of Botany Bay for over three decades, during which much has changed for the better. I said that it had been a privilege to serve as Mayor, our suburbs and our streets have undergone massive change. The successive Councils on which I represented our residents, worked relentlessly to transform what was a polluted industrial area into a modern and vibrant city, where the quality of life for residents is paramount. In this, I feel, without being immodest, I’ve had some success. 

I reminded our residents that many of the issues that impact on our every day lives are State Government issues. The cars and trucks that clog our main roads are now filtering through our residential streets. There’s aircraft noise, which can only be reduced by a second airport for Sydney and the need for proper and efficient public transport for all residents of Heffron. 

There’s also the vital issue of planning. The State Government is moving to bring in a planning system that will let bureaucrats and outsiders with no local knowledge decide what will be built in our neighbourhoods and next to our homes. We have to stop this and State Parliament is the place to stop it. 

The only way I can make our local voice heard is for me to represent you and all of of Heffron residents in State Parliament. For a better way of life for all our residents, State Parliament is where I can work on you behalf. 

Residents should understand that if I am elected as the State Member for Heffron I will still be here fighting for your interests and quality of life as I always have.

I am certain that the people of this City will make a wise choice as to who will replace me as Mayor, and I will not shrink from making a recommendation to our residents to continue the journey we all began together 30 years ago.

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