Oct 1, 2010

Do Not feed the Birds

In the old Mary Poppins movie Julie Andrews sings “Feds the Birds” and shows an old lady in Hyde Park feeding the pigeons.  That may have been ok 46 years ago, but today we strongly urge our residents NOT to feed the pigeons.  Pigeons today are a pest in our suburbs as they scavenge for food.  I have received some ongoing concerns from residents regarding pigeons and the big question is always how to get rid of them.  There are Pest Control who specialise in Bird control, or there are a range of items that one can purchase, such as a Bird Gard Kite or pigeon spikes that can be attached to flat areas or one can simply tie shiny fabric that floats in the breeze to deter them.

Please I urge all our residents DO NOT FEED these birds your old bread scraps, either in your back yard or our parks, as it cause problems for your neighbourhood.  A good website is http://www.birdgard.com.au

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