Oct 22, 2010

Locals have no taste for McDonald's

Southern Courier 19 October 2010 by Leesa Smith.

"Police and residents fear crime will spike again in Eastlakes if the development of a new 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant is given the green light.

A development application for the fast food venue at 279 Gardeners Rd is proposing to be built next to a previous McDonald’s store which had 24-hour-trading with a drive-through service.

Mascot crime manager Mike Birley said crime had dropped 15 per cent in Eastlakes since the restaurant on Racecourse Pde closed in August, 2007.
Detective Inspector Birley said the crimes included assaults, robberies, malicious damages, and break and enters, but did not include the significant anti-social behaviour caused from the youths using the venue as a meeting point.

He said the problems spilled out onto the park across the road and the South Point shopping centre.

“I would anticipate if another one is built we would potentially see a similar increase in crime in and around the area of McDonald’s,” he said.
“It was used by the youths for drinking and drug use but now that’s reduced because there is nothing to actually bring them to the area. But if they’ve got a food outlet they can readily access then they will utilise the park as well.”

Eastlakes resident Davina Mayfield has a petition of 200 signatures from locals who have not been informed about the application and who have the same concerns as the police.

She said Botany Bay Council originally only gave residents seven days to submit objections, but she asked for an extension, which was granted until October 29.

“Residents said they have really tried to clean up the area and the closure of McDonald’s did make a massive difference,” she said. “It’s just going to encourage kids to hang out there at all hours and just cause problems.”

A council spokesman said the process for the development was still at a very early stage and council was waiting on further information from the applicants."

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