Oct 15, 2010

Garden Competition Winners

It’s that time of year when, after exhaustive judging, we can announce the winners in the various categories of our Annual Garden Competition.  While there are winners, I always think that everyone who enters is a winner. All those who proudly show off their green thumbs – and those of us who just spend time in the garden – all contribute to making our City look good, whatever the time of year – even in winter.  I congratulate everyone who has been part of this year’s competition on their efforts and their hard work. I’ll be able to do that at our presentation evening. Wander around our streets and you can get the real benefits of our local gardens – private and commercial. Rather than a fitness walk or run, have an amble and take in what many of our locals have done to make their homes, and our City, look better.  
This year it was very competitive and while some familiar names grace the winners’ list there are some new comers.  
The winners for 2010 are:

1st Kolbe Family, Botany, 2nd Phillip Tomczyk, Daceyville, 3rd Roy Bilton, Botany while Jason and Riley McFadyen of Daceyville gained a Highly Commended.

1st Pene, Logan & Hayden Ingle, Botany; 2nd Pam Vose, Mascot; 3rd Jason and Riley McFadyen, Daceyville;   Highly Commended: Sarah and David Callan of Eastlakes.

Here we had two taking 1st place Dulcie Whitmore of Daceyville and Roy Bilton of Botany; 2nd Lorraine Henderson, Daceyville; 3rd Phillip Tomczyk, Daceyville with Maria Varga of Mascot: Highly Commended.

1st Helen McLeod of Botany; 2nd Pene, Logan & Hayden Ingle, Botany; 3rd Jason and Riley McFadyen, Daceyville with Sofia Hasapis of Mascot being recognised with a Highly Commended.
1st Rita and Angelo Propoggia, Eastlakes; 2nd Guiseppe Raco, Mascot; 3rd The Leon Lachal Community Garden, Eastlakes while Nadia Hampartzoumian, Mascot and Pene, Logan & Hayden Ingle of Botany were all Highly Commended.
1st The Kolbe Family, Botany; 2nd Jason and Riley McFadyen, Daceyville; 3rd Danielle Pretty, Botany and Brad Humphries of Botany was Highly Commended.

1st Goodman International, 2-12 Beauchamp Road, Matraville; 2nd ING, 10-14 McPherson Street, Banksmeadow; 3rd Goodman International, McPherson Street, Banksmeadow while Botannix Studio Cafe, Botany and Sue Riley, 14-16 Green Street, Banksmeadow were both Highly Commended.
1st Banksmeadow Public School; 2nd John Brotchie Nursery School; 3rd The Leon Lachal Community Garden, Eastlakes; Highly Commended: Mascot Public School.
1st Greenwood Apartments, Botany; 2nd Meriton Apartments, 635 Gardeners Road, Mascot; 3rd 19-21 Church Avenue, Mascot.  
OVERALL WINNER FOR AN OUTSTANDING GARDEN:  Pam Vose of Mascot, who, in the words of the judges presented a delightful garden of artistic surprise at the front with a relaxing garden in the rear with trees and mirrors.

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