Nov 16, 2010

Food Inspections

Over the past couple of months, Council’s health inspectors have cast a close and careful eye over more than 130 shops and factories where food is prepared and/or sold.  Buying pre-prepared food is now an established part of all our daily lives.  Making sure that pre-prepared food is safe is a central part of Council caring for the community. It’s also part of our relentless campaign to ensure that those preparing or selling food does so with the highest hygiene and safety.  We inspect and we work with those who prepare food, making sure they are aware of all the standards that have to be met.  One slip or one cut corner can lead to illness among those who consume the food.  It’s a testament to the effectiveness of our on-going inspection and education of food outlets and factories that of all those inspected only two were issued with penalty notices.  Six were informed that they had to upgrade their operations and Council’s inspectors will be back to make sure all the necessary safety and hygiene standards are in place. Our aim is to make sure food prepared and sold in our City is of the highest standard.

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