Nov 11, 2010

A Sensible Planning Outcome in Pagewood

For the past couple of years Council has been working (and negotiating) with the Department of Planning over the future use of land in Pagewood, around Page Street, Holloway Street and Green Street – near Pagewood Primary School.  The land has been used as industrial for many, many years and Council saw an opportunity to rezone it to mixed use, including residential.  

We felt any new industrial operations right next to the school was not good planning, although we understood the Department’s policy of maintain the land as port related for employment and economic reasons. We worked through all the issues with the Department and I then invited the Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly, to come and have a look. What we wanted the Minister to understand were the views of local residents and how they saw the future of this area.  

The Minister and his Department agreed with those views and a week or so ago the local planning scheme was altered to allow varying developments.  The Minister was right when he said the land off Page Street didn’t really fit within the scope of port-related. The State Government’s decision opens up some real planning opportunities for Council and local residents.  This was real cooperation and consultation between Council and the Government and one that will result in better local outcomes.

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