Nov 21, 2010

Upgraded Children's Crossing

After we received requests from parents of students attending St Michael’s Primary School at Daceyville about safety of the children’s crossing in Haig Avenue, Council organised an on site inspection with the RTA and local police.  In order to make sure the school crossing was even safer, Council has decided that it will be both upgraded and repainted.  Painting the crossing pavement itself and adjacent markers means motorists are even more aware that there are school children around. 

We’ll also install a safety fence as well as a special 25 metre drop-off/pick-up zone on the eastern side of Haig Avenue from the end of the current No Stopping zone right up to the school driveway.  Signs and line marking will also be upgraded and pram ramps will be provided on each side of the crossing.  It’s all about making our school zones safer for our children. We’re going to use the upcoming school holidays (not that far away) to revitalise some other school crossings and safety markers around school.  The aim will be to have everything looking good – and safe – for when the schools come back for first term next year.

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