Dec 5, 2010

Playground updates...and upgrades

In the next two to three weeks (weather permitting) we should have completed the upgrade of the playground at Bridget Tight Reserve in Eastlakes as well as the new playground in Sir Joseph Banks Park, off Fremlin Street in Botany. 

The Bridget Tight Reserve playground is aimed at children below 10 and will have adventure activities, soft fall and seating for parents and carers.  The playground at Sir Joseph Banks Park is what we term as a regional playground – it’s bigger and better than playgrounds in our smaller parks and caters for wider age groups with divided areas as well as places for parents and carers to sit and watch the children.  Based on the great success of our first regional playground at Booralee Park, what will be unveiled at Sir Joseph Banks will attract kids from outside the immediate area. 

There will also be a special attraction in the Sir Joseph Banks playground – a water feature.  This will be a huge hit on hot days when the kids get to splash around, make mud pies and generally have some real fun.  There will be a new shelter for parents and carers and we’ve upgraded the BBQ, which is just off the playground.  What we’ve done, as we’ve done elsewhere in the City, is match new or upgraded playgrounds with local children.  A check of the census data shows us where there are concentrations of various age groups and the parks match those groupings – hence the one for under-10’s at Bridget Tight Reserve.  Booralee and Sir Joseph Banks are regional playgrounds and cater for under-10’s and over-10’s, with the activities separated by landscaping.  The end result is playgrounds that meet the needs of children from nearby residential areas – the right outcome as far as I’m concerned.

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