Dec 16, 2010

A Premier moment for the Graphic Arts Club at Mascot

"Southern Courier" 14 December 2010
"It’s not every day that a state leader clears their diary to attend a club function - especially the night before a no-doubt gruelling sitting of parliament. In her address to the Graphic Arts Club Mascot President’s Dinner, NSW Premier Kristina Keneally made it clear, however, that this was not just any club. 

Taking the chance to relax and enjoy some pre-Christmas cheer with Club President Basil King, the Premier let it be known that the boutique, multi-award winning venue was a home away from home for her and her family especially on those nights when her busy schedule prevented her from cooking for her two sons. It was this aspect of the club, as a vital part of the community’s life, which she chose to emphasise to the sixty valued members and guests lucky enough to be sampling the five-star cuisine and hospitality for which the stylish venue is famous. 

Delighted to be invited to the President’s Dinner, Ms Keneally said it was “not only a great chance to publicly acknowledge the contribution that the Graphic Arts Club Mascot makes to our local community - it’s also a chance to enjoy a truly unique club in Sydney”. She continued to praise the “spirit and ethos” of the club highlighting the significant support it provided to local schools and in assisting disadvantaged and sick children. A view shared by Botany Bay Mayor Ron Hoenig who was also in attendance. 

Both took delight in some of the more novel events and services that the club had to offer on its new website, namely the Tight Arse Valentines Dinner, a budget meal for lovers with short arms and long pockets, and the services of a JP – perhaps, the Premier noted,  for those who took a long-suffering spouse to just such an event! 

Taking the time to chat leisurely with each table of guests before the evening’s end, the Premier was in no rush for the evening to end and it was widely tipped that the Graphic Arts Club Mascot will be the site for her campaign launch for the coming state election. A premier moment for Sydney’s premier club indeed. "

 President Basil King, Premier Kristina Keneally, Mayor Ron Hoenig, Steve McDermott 

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