Mar 27, 2011

Council's Youth Week Art Competition

I have mentioned previously the events and activities for this year’s Youth Week, which kicks off on Friday April 1. One of the core activities of Youth Week is our annual Youth Week is the Youth Week Art Competition. Each year we pick a topic or an idea and then let our local youth interpret it via art.  We have different sections for different age groups and anyone aged between 12 and 24 can take part.  A3 is our limit in size but anything up to that will get you in the competition and eligible for the prizes.  This year what you need to reflect in art is Hip Hop – a subject that opens up more than a few opportunities.  Express yourself and have some fun.  All entries must be in by 4pm Thursday March 31 at the Community Service s Section at the Central Library in Eastgardens Shopping Centre.  All the entries go on exhibition at the library between Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 10 as part of the library’s celebration of Youth Week.  Get in the spirit of hip hop and shows us all your skills as artists.

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