Mar 29, 2011

New Leadership at Sydney Airport Community Forum

I am pleased to be able to formally advise Council that the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, has announced the new Chair of the Sydney Airport Community Forum – and the new incumbent is none other than our own General Manager, Mr Peter Fitzgerald. Let me quote a couple of paragraphs from the Minister’s letter:
Mr Fitzgerald has had a long involvement with Sydney Airport both as a local resident and as General Manager of the City of Botany Bay.
Mr Fitzgerald brings a wealth of experience to the role as a neighbour of Sydney Airport through decades of service to Botany Council and many years involvement with SACF.  He has been instrumental in establishing a constructive dialogue with the airport and the community in working through issues that impact upon residents.”

In his media release, the Minister also acknowledged Mr Fitzgerald’s role as the Mayor of Drummoyne and his active involvement as Executive Director of the Australian Mayoral Aviation Council – AMAC.
As Mr Fitzgerald heads towards his final days as General Manager of our Council, it is fitting that he will remain associated with us and our community in this new role.
Knowing him as we all do, this is Mr Fitzgerald’s idea of retirement – a new job.
Mr Fitzgerald has a passion for aviation – and it’s not just travelling in aircraft. From his days as Mayor of Drummoyne and throughout his career in state and local government there has always been an aviation component.
If it hasn’t been guiding AMAC or driving a city administration of an area that half surrounds Australia’s biggest airport, it has been how to work with the airport and ensure the airport works with its surrounding community.
That, as the Minister acknowledges and we know personally, Mr Fitzgerald has done.
There is perhaps no other person more eminently suited for this role and, on behalf of Council and our community, I offer my personal congratulations to my friend and colleague, Peter Fitzgerald.
We will not be losing Peter Fitzgerald in retirement – we will be getting you in a new, and important, community role.

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