Mar 7, 2011

Update of Council Park Improvements

There has been a fair bit of work on some of our parks over summer and new equipment and facilities are either finished or just about ready.  I though it worth an update as I know how popular our playgrounds are with locals, especially the young.

The new playground in Bridget Tight Reserve in Eastlakes is finished with a circular swing and the spider man climbing added to this popular venue.  The circular swing allows a number of young children to enjoy themselves as a group while the spider man climbing allows for individual fun and there are special facilities for parent and carer supervision.

At the Botany Aquatic Centre, the new playground equipment under the trees is increasing the attraction of one of our City’s popular recreational venues.  This is for the younger children with “bouncies”, climbing and the swing.  Again we’re matching equipment with demand.

The new playground at Sir Joseph Banks Park is aimed at the under 6’s and if the numbers now going there are any indication of success then we have a winner.  There are climbing bits, ropes, ladders, swings, “bouncies” and more along with a shaded area where parents and carers can keep an eye on the kids.  The special feature here is the water trickle that allows a few mud pies and fun with splashes of water.  This is one feature I think the kids like more than the parents and carers but to hear the squeals and laughter makes a bit of cleaning up more than worth while.

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