May 2, 2011

2011 Lionel Bowen Scholar

The 2011 Lionel Bowen Scholar is Johanna Garvin from Rosebery.

After careful deliberation by the judges of an impressive field of applicants, the decision was unanimous and Johanna, who is studying communications and media at Notre Dame University, is now included in a list of outstanding young local scholars.

The Bowen Scholarship will assist Johanna in a number of ways – assisting her mobility and independence in getting to and from university and for technology to download and enlarge texts for easier reading. The restrictions that living with Cerebral Palsy would impose on education have not held Johanna back as she strives to succeed in her chosen filed of social justice. Her aim is to use her communications and media degree in the social justice field in policy development and communications.  She has, as she said in her application, “a strong desire to work in an environment where I can help.” The desire and dedication she has shown to get through her secondary education and to now in the beginning of her tertiary education, along with her aims and community commitment, make Johanna a worthy inclusion in the roll of Lionel Bowen Scholars as the 2011 recipient.

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