May 21, 2011

Parking Around Schools ­ Safety for our kids

From next week, our rangers will begin distributing leaflets around our local schools outlining the parking restrictions that apply near schools during the morning and afternoon drop-offs.  We enforce the parking rules and, for that, we are often abused.

My message is simple – you obey the law and you won’t get booked and fined.  For that we offer no apology and no excuses.  So that everyone taking their kids to and from school knows exactly what the rules are – and what you can do and what you can’t – we’ve produced a simple leaflet that covers sings, intersections and double parking.  The leaflets show clearly how the law is applied around schools.  We don’t do it to be a bunch of busy-bodies, we do it because we want to protect the safety of our kids.

If you take children to school please make sure that in the next week or so you get one of the leaflets and read it.  Then you’ll know what you can do and can’t – and remember, if you break the law, you will be fined.  The safety of kids is, to their families and to us, paramount.

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