May 6, 2011

Cycle ways...some facts

I was disturbed to read criticism of Council about a proposed shared pedestrian-cycle way along Gardeners Road.  At the outset let me reiterate that Council supports shared pathways, but where they can be done in safety for both cyclists and pedestrians.  The tragic death of a woman pedestrian on Gardeners Road after a collision with a cyclist on a narrow footpath ensures this location is subject to closer scrutiny before a cycleway is introduced. The proposal is from the City of Sydney and would be done on the Sydney side of Gardeners Road (between Dunning Avenue and opposite Sutherland Street) – where we have no jurisdiction.  Our engineering staff is talking to the City of Sydney to ensure that full pedestrian safety can be achieved if it is to go ahead.  I’ll keep everyone informed – but I did feel that the facts should be known.

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