Apr 11, 2010

Let's Look After our Nature Strips

The continuing hot weather (when will it ever end) along with higher than normal rain has given our outdoor staff an almost impossible task – keeping the nature strips looking neat and tidy.  This is not the same sort of problem as illegally dumped rubbish (which I want to talk about next week), but it’s another step in making the City look good.  

We’re one of the very few councils in NSW that looks after nature strips and the outdoor staff do a great job.  But nature being nature means that when there’s water and heat things grow faster and higher.  The outdoor gangs are almost chasing their tails to keep all the nature strips mowed and tidy. If we take a little longer in our constant mowing cycles across the City then I think everyone understands.

More than a few local residents have taken it upon themselves and kept their own nature strips in top condition. For that we thank them. I’ve had a few calls at the office about lush growth in the nature strips and I same the same thing – we’ll get to your street as soon as we can.

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