Apr 1, 2010

Where else but the Lucky Country

Should I need to be reminded how lucky we are to live in Australia, and what makes it special, I only have to reflect on two events that happened right here in the City of Botany Bay before the country celebrated Easter.

Where else in the world would you find a Rabbi and Catholic Priest getting their communities together to learn about each others traditions for “Passover”  or where else in the world would you find children and parents from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs gathering Easter Eggs for the elderly and taking part in an Easter Hat parade.

All accepting and sharing and living in harmony.  But that is what is special about Australia, and in particular the City of Botany Bay.  The two events I mention were the Eastlakes Public Schools annual Easter Parade and egg donation to our Meals on Wheels recipients and the other, was when Father Jersey from St Michael’s Daceyville invited Rabbi Perez from Maroubra Synagogue to exchange information, and learn about each others culture and religious belief and traditions.

If world leaders could replicate what these two events achieve on a larger scale the world would certainly be a brighter and more peaceful place.  Well done to Eastlakes and to St Michaels.

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