Apr 12, 2010

A reminder of our convict past

There are only a few spots left for the lecture on a interesting aspect of our convict past to be given this coming Saturday at the Central Library at Eastgardens.  The lecture revolved around Simeon Lord who was a miller.  The connections to our current City are obvious – Mill Pond, Mill Pond Road, Lord Street, which are all located close to each other.

The connection comes from Lord’s Botany flour mill, when he dammed a local creek to get the energy to drive the mill.  Water power in those days was the only way to go – with rising electricity prices I sometimes wonder how far we have come.  Mr Lord came to the colony of New South Wales in chains and through hard work ended up a very wealthy man, hence the title of the lecture “Simeon Lord – From Chains to Riches”.

Council’s Heritage Reference Librarian Mark Butler will deliver the lecture, which is part of the 2010 National Trust Heritage Festival.  It’s at the Central Library on Saturday April 17 and it begins at 2.00pm.  The lecture is free but you will have to book, which you can do by calling the Central Library on 9366 3888.

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