Apr 11, 2010

Rubbish makes our City look less than good - Dumpers Beware

In moving around the City and talking to my fellow residents I’ve been struck by the unsightliness of illegally dumped rubbish in a few areas.

We’ve always had our City looking good.  Council works with residents to make it so.  

What happens is that a few people, lazy people, dump rubbish wherever they feel like it.  

It leads to unsightly streets and neighbourhoods.  

I had some residents come into my office last week to give details about rubbish being just dumped down the street from them.  Fortunately, it doesn’t happen all that often but even once is a blight on our City.  Council moves as quick as it can to get rid of illegally dumped rubbish and carefully examines it in order to trace the dumpers.  That’s our own scaled down version of CSI.  

Once we trace the source we prosecute the dumpers to make the dumpers pay.  

For that we make no apologies – no matter what excuses are offered.

Council provides regular clean-up services for rubbish that can’t be taken away with the household garbage. But if people don’t take advantage of our service and just dump unwanted items on the streets then we will pursue them whenever and wherever we can.  

Like the overwhelming majority of our residents, we want our City to look good all the time – that’s what we’re here for.

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