Jun 6, 2010

Birds, Birds and more Birds

Each year, our City becomes for one day the central focus of bird lovers from around the State, interstate and overseas. The event is the Annual Show of the South Sydney Avicultural Society and it’s where more than 900 birds will be on display.  

It’s colourful, sometimes a bit noisy with all the chirping but it’s never dull.  There are budgerigars (crested ones, clearwings and pied) parrots, canaries (seven different varieties including lizard, finches and African love birds. There are serious breeders along with kids who are developing their love for birds. It’s a day’s event that I always enjoy and, after the judging is over, the public is invited to have a look around.  

The bird show will be held on Saturday June 12 at Coronation Hall and will be open to the public from 1.00pm.  This is an advance notice for everyone to come along to see perhaps the best exhibition of birds in the State.  Me, I just want to see the lizard canaries because the name fascinates me.  I’ll give some more details in the weeks to come.

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