Jun 7, 2010

Lionel Bowen Scholarship by two!

This year we haven’t got one recipient of the Lionel Bowen Scholarship.  We’ve got two and they’re twins.  I know it’s hard to separate twins in most things and as far as the scholarship was concerned we couldn’t.  So the Pazpinis twins – Aryetta and Deon – of Pagewood are our 2010 Lionel Bowen Scholars.

The girls are twins in every way. They went to the same school, St Catherine’s, studied the same HSC subjects and are now doing the same course, Bachelor of Industrial Design at the University of New South Wales. While their applications for the scholarship were different, they were happy to share and both paid a heart felt and loving tribute to their parents.  

To Aryetta and Deon (and I’ll keep their names in alphabetic order) will carry on the tradition of scholarship and our City’s recognition of the selfless public service of a great son of our City, former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Lionel Bowen.

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