Jun 19, 2010

Housing NSW Planning Bungle and the Daily Telegraph

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph published a story entitled "Mayor's bid to stop ghettos" by Vikki Campion. The article is also published on their website at http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw-act/mayors-bid-to-stop-ghettos/story-e6freuzi-1225881105906.

Whilst I am pleased that the Daily Telegraph highlighted, firstly the outrageous planning decision of Housing NSW in increasing population densities in Aircraft Noise affected areas, and secondly the absurd consequences of allowing government departments to approve their own development applications, rather than Council's, who actually understand these issues, and understand Australian Standards.

I am not pleased that the article described me as "ONE of Australia's highest profile prosecutors" using some cases I might have appeared in to suggest that Botany Bay City Council's legal action might somehow be given some greater status than any other action brought by any other council.

For the record I have either as a Public Defender, Acting Crown Prosecutor of as Counsel Assisting the Coroner made it practice never to speak to the media about any case in which I appear, even refusing to give my name to representatives of the media who can obtain that information from the court registries.

I have always tried never to mix my functions as the Mayor of the City of Botany Bay and my profession as a barrister. The former is a part time representative honour that requires me to publicly explain my positions on matters, the other requires me not to explain anything publicly other than the confines of a court room.

The position Botany Bay City Council has taken is sound.  Its policy in seeking the planning standards, which are in fact the Australian Standard, enforced is correct. And my public statements I consider are appropriate for me in my capacity as Mayor.  It would be inappropriate should they have been expressed by me in my capacity as an acting Crown Prosecutor.

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