Jul 11, 2010

New Playground at Jellicoe Park

We're just about to get underway with a new playground at Jellicoe Park, in Park Parade (where else?), Pagewood.  For the little kids there will be the little swing, the climbing hut and the see-saw.  For those a bit older there a separate space for multi-play equipment and the bus springer while a flying pole will be in another area. 

There will be softfall throughout as well as shaded areas, trees and shrubs and seats for parents and carers. Based on the popularity of the new playground down in Booralee Park in Botany, the one at Jellicoe Park will be very popular indeed. 

The new playground is part of Council's policy of matching playgrounds with local younger residents.  The parks and playgrounds are where they are needed.  So, if you're down in Jellicoe Park you'll soon see some activity as we create a new playground.

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