Jul 22, 2010

Our "Green" City

Keeping our City “Green” is not just about the factoring in of better environmental practices in all of Council’s operations or in new developments, important as these policies are, but making our City more attractive and a better place to live for all our residents.

When I talk to people around our streets, in our parks or at sporting events I get a common message – one which I totally agree with and work to see a reality.  The message is that green features and protecting and enjoying our natural environment are seen by residents to be important aspects of daily life.  It’s what makes a city good.  That’s why we, as a Council, work hard with all our parks and gardens, our sporting facilities and, indeed, in just about every street and road in the City.

A tree-lined street makes the street less harsh and more inviting.  Dot the street with trees and it’s softened in how you see it and it is a pleasure to walk down.  Nature strips are just as important as are the flowers and shrubs we plant in centre median strips and in roundabouts and other traffic calming structures.

The same applies to parks and gardens.  The new playground that’s just about to be built down in Jellicoe Park will feature shrubs, flowers, grasses and trees to make it more inviting – it’s also, as I said last week, the way we match playgrounds to growing numbers of children in particular areas.

A “green” city is not necessarily one where green policies override all but a city where the right environmental policies are in place alongside policies to spread greenness to almost every street and road, making our City more attractive and a better place to live.

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