Jul 21, 2010

Politics of the Misinformed

My greatest criticism of political candidates is their uniformed simplistic assertions on important environmental and infrastructure issues. Take for example an article in the Southern Courier by Nick Moncrief-Hill of 20 June 2010, entitled “Greens slam port jam” http://southern-courier.whereilive.com.au/news/story/greens-slam-port-jam/

The Greens Party candidate Lindsay Shurey asserts that the Federal Member for Kingsford-Smith and Environment Minister is not listening to what she calls, “Labor mayor Ron Hoenig’s statements reveal that he acknowledges the mess Labor’s failed infrastructure planning has had on the Botany area.” These issues have nothing to do with Mr. Garrett and the Commonwealth Government.  These issues are state issues that I have been advocating for a long time.  These issues relate to very poor planning and a complete lack of intellectual ability by state bureaucrats for a long time to understand how to integrate planning, and infrastructure and transport policy which will lead to disaster.

It is unhelpful in endeavoring to solve these problem for a candidate not even to understand the Commonwealth Constitution when she is seeking election under it. I do not remember seeing Lindsay Shurey before the Commission of Inquiry or Land and Environment Court when the City of Botany Bay sought to prevent the Port Botany Expansion proceeding.  I did not see her in the gallery of the High Court of Australian when we sought to prevent the Third Runway at Kingsford-Smith Airport, and prevent further dredging of Botany Bay.

The Commonwealth Government has been very supportive of the City of Botany Bay with huge infrastructure investments for which I and my community and future generations will be eternally grateful.  I can assure all the residents of this City that our support from the Gillard/Rudd Government has been unprecedented.

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