Feb 7, 2011

Dangerous Bus Zones

Sometimes things that are obvious take longer to fix.  Take for example bus zones and bus shelters.  There’s a bus zone down in Beauchamp Road outside of number 50 and between Rhodes Street and Grace Campbell Crescent.  There have been a number of accidents near the bus zone and even Council’s distinctive bus shelter was damaged on more than a few occasions last year. While speed seems to be the cause of the accidents, the actual location of the bus shelter adds to the problem.  Some drivers have lost control of their vehicles on the bend in the road (again, speed) and as the bus shelter is only 40 metres from the bend we’ve seen vehicles mount the kerb and hit the shelter.  For the safety of intending bus passengers and locals, we need to fix the situation.  A few local residents have raised this with Council and although the solution – move the bus zone – is obvious, we can’t do it by ourselves.  The RTA and State Transit (the bus operators) have to have their.  So rather than just picking up the bus shelter and moving the bus zone, we will have to wait to hear what the RTA and State Transit have to say.

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