Feb 26, 2011

Mornings at the Museum

Last week our museum held the first of its “Mornings @ the Museum”. The idea is to introduce the expanded George Hanna Memorial Museum along with the upgraded and bigger Mascot Library to as many locals as possible. Council will when an occasion arises host a series of talks and discussions on our local history. I didn’t preview the first in the series as it was booked out before anyone could almost blink. Although it’s been held, the inaugural one was on Daceyville and coincided with the current exhibition: “Audaciousville: The Story of Dacey Gardens Suburb”.

I’ll let everyone know well in advance when the next “Mornings at the Museum” is to be held. If you want to get in ahead of me then contact the Museum on 9366 3888. Also, the Dacey Gardens exhibition has been such a success that it’s been extended until the end of April. Make sure you get down to the Museum in Hatfield Street, Mascot and have a look at a fascinating depiction of a remarkable part of our local history.

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