Feb 4, 2011

2011 and that rubbish

Although this is my first post for 2011, it’s not the beginning of my year – or, indeed, Council’s.  Over the holidays there’s been a lot of cleaning up to do (and my office has had more than a few calls) on dumped rubbish.  We seem to get it in spates and in certain areas and our vigilance has been upped so that we can find those responsible and make them pay through fines for the clean up.  

People often say to me ‘Why can’t Council fix this problem?’ We would if we could.  It’s not like we go round dumping the rubbish – people do that!  What we have to do is clean it up and that also costs us (and our ratepayers) money.  If you see someone dumping rubbish don’t approach them, just take down any details that can help us track them down and pass it on to our rangers.  We’ll do what we. We can prosecute them and we can to make them pay, but we need to catch them. In the meantime we’ll keep on cleaning up after other people. That aside, it is nice to be back in print.

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