Feb 7, 2011

Hale Street/Foreshore Road connection Open

The Hon Michael Daley, Minister for Police and Deputy Mayor George Glinatsis open the Hale Street Extension 

Last Saturday the Deputy Mayor represented Council at the opening of the Hale Street/Foreshore Road connector – a new piece of road infrastructure that will go a long way of getting large trucks off Botany Road.  Councillor Glinatsis joined with the Member for Maroubra, Michael Daley, in opening this short but vital stretch of road.  At the outset I must congratulate Michael Daley for his work in seeing this road through from concept to opening.  As the ribbon that was cut on Saturday explained: “The City of Botany Bay and Michael Daley working together …”  This is what led to the Hale Street/Foreshore Road connector.

The growth of container traffic through Port Botany and the opening up of industrial estates geared to the import/export trade have, over recent years, seen a rapid growth in the number of container trucks on Botany Road.  This growth, while a good indicator of economic growth in our State and nation, has had a detrimental impact on local residents.

By working with the State Government through the local member Michael Daley, we diverted some of the heavy traffic along Foreshore Road to and from the port, we still had negative impacts with trucks servicing the growing number of port related companies within our City’s borders.  Council sought to both protect local residents and promote business growth – sometimes things with direct conflicts.

The Port Air Estate in Hale Street is the largest of the import/export business parks and the destination of many trucks from Port Botany. These trucks came up Botany Road and adjoining streets, clogging our thoroughfares, polluting our local environment and lessening local amenities. Given the percentage of heavy trucks heading for the Port Air Estate, and given the distance between the end of Hale Street and Foreshore Road, logic suggested a connection.

Michael Daley, like Council, appreciated the logic and worked with various State Government departments and authorities to get the necessary approvals and agreements.  The owners of the estate also came to the party.

And last Saturday it all came together when the connector road was opened.

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