Jun 8, 2011

Council welcomes "Shrek"

We’ve named our latest acquisition “Shrek” because it’s green and mighty!  Residents will soon see “Shrek” out and about on our streets and in our parks.  “Shrek” is an environmentally friendly, solar powered, cleaning machine.  It will be busy giving our city a good scrub in coming weeks from bus shelters, pavements, street furniture to garbage bins and even removing some graffiti and posters.  And residents will know exactly what “Shrek” is up to as it comes with a variable message board which Council staff can change depending on the task.

If it is in Botany or Mascot Shopping strips you will know it is cleaning pavers, or removing chewing gum and scum, or cleaning the bins.  I am very excited about the new addition which should be rolled out in the next two weeks.  When you see it on the streets if you don’t agree with the name let me know!  But I bet “Shrek” (for those who have seen the movie) will come to mind.

1 comment:

  1. what a fantastic idea. I saw it working and it was brilliant.