Jun 13, 2011

Playground Lighting

Council recently installed Utility Solar Street Lights at several playgrounds through out the city as a trial to see If it will help to reduce the graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

For many years Council followed the research which indicated that lighting parks attracted bad behaviour. This has certainly not bean a deterrent In some areas. The lighting of the playgrounds is In an effort to Increase what is now termed passive surveillance of these areas.

Thers is a fine balance between lighting the playgrounds to discourage use (by increasing surveillance), and lighting the playgrounds too brightly so as to encourage the night use of the playgrounds. The light that is emitted from these solar light poles provides enough light to make out figures but does not
light the whole playground as a sports ground floodlight would. The lights are set to a timer, switching on at a designated time (which can be adjusted to suit), and lasting continuously for 8 hours, for example 6pm-2am. let's hope it works.

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