Jun 6, 2011

Recycling upgrades

Council this week installed new bins, including recycling bins, in our major parks and sporting facilities.  The green bin is for general garbage and bin with the yellow lid is for recycling.  These bins have been placed in Rowland Park, Booralee Park, Jellicoe Park, Eastlakes Reserve, L’Estrange Park and Hensley Athletic Field.   All organised groups using these facilities will be asked to encourage their patrons to recycle.  

Council is also looking at options at upgrading its residential recycling system.  For many years Council has opted for the two crate system as it provides a much cleaner product with less contamination.   Many of crates are old and brittle this combined with the fact that recycling and separating technology has improved makes it the right time to look at other options.   If Council does make the decision to change it will not occur for some time as budgets (an allocation of funds) and implementation methods will need to be put in place. Recycling is about reducing garbage in landfill not changing for change sake.

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