Jun 27, 2011

Stay Warm and Safe This Winter

Now that we’re in the cooler winter months, I thought it was a good time to remind our residents about the need to take care when using hot water bottles, which many of us still use (and given energy prices we’ll continue to use). While hot water bottles can certainly help to keep us warm and provide some comfort and relief from aches and pains they can, with incorrect use, also cause serious burns. To help make sure our residents aren’t among the 200 Australians admitted to hospital each year from serious burns from hot water bottles, before you start using a hot water bottle this winter, call into my office and pick up a brochure containing some important information and safety tips. If you would like a brochure mailed out to you, please telephone our staff from Aged Services on 9669 4640 and they will be happy to pop a copy in the post to you.  By reading and taking note of the information in the brochure you will be staying both warm and safe throughout the winter months.

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