Jul 18, 2011

Alcohol Free Zones Extended

Council has resolved to extend the alcohol free zones in specific locations at Botany and Eastlakes for another four years. The decision is supported by both community support and requests from local police officers.  
The first of the two zones is in Botany – along both sides of Botany Road between Hickson and Hale streets, both sides of all of Chegwyn Street, both sides of Bay Street between Chegwyn Street and Ivy Street, including both sides of Ivy and Rose Streets, Banksia Street between Botany Road and James Bourke Place, in Hale Street from the northern side of Chegwyn Street to Botany Road and in the Botany car park.  
The second zone in Eastlakes begins with the block bounded by Maloney Street, Gardeners Road, Want Street and Macquarie Street; the far side of Macquarie Street, Gardeners Road between Macquarie Street and the south side of Berry Street and the far side of Maloney Street between Gardeners Road and Evans Avenue.  
We’re not trying to be wowsers, but we have to ensure a better environment for our residents around pubs.
In the past the alcohol free zones could only be established for three years but following changes in legislation we can now extend them for four years, which is what will happen in the Botany and Eastlakes zones.
Alcohol free zones help reduce public disorder and make life better for those who live near hotels. The extension of the zones is also supported, as I’ve said, by local police.  By having the zones, the police can take proactive action to control disorderly behaviour – again a win for the local community.

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