Jul 21, 2011

Anti-Social Behaviour

I’ve had a number of calls and emails recently regarding anti-social behaviour in a few spots within the City. Youths congregating in parks, lighting fires, generally misbehaving and causing both concern and inconvenience to nearby residents, especially those near parks.  I also get queries regarding the illegal dumping of rubbish, which certainly doesn’t add to the attractiveness of our City.  

As far as local young people are concerned, Council provides an extensive range of activities through our Youth Centres, located at both Eastlakes and Hillsdale. Every Tuesday at the Alf Kay Eastlakes Community Centre, Florence Avenue, Eastlakes and every Thursday at Hillsdale Community Hall, 236 Bunnerong Road, Hillsdale, the Youth Centres operate between 4.00pm to 7.00pm. If anyone wants more details of our Youth Centres and the activities that are organised, please call Patrick or Yasemin on 9366 3889. I’ve also asked our Local Area Commander for NSW Police if we could have some extra police patrols around known trouble spots to counter the anti-social behaviour.  

As far as illegal dumping of rubbish is concerned, this is an almost never-ending problem. Our rangers keep up their patrols and local residents also keep an eye out for illegal rubbish dumping but, unfortunately, we can’t stop people who don’t care or who have no community responsibility whatsoever.  If we find the culprits we fine them heavily but we have to both find them and then prove they were responsible for the illegal dumping.  Countering both anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping of rubbish is something we do all the time – and something we’ll continue to do.

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