Jul 6, 2011

Mobility Scooter Safety

Mobility scooters, “gophers” and buggies have changed the lives of people who find it hard to walk long distances.  They are a great way for people to maintain their independence and to get out and about – or so I thought. I must confess I was shocked to hear recently that hundreds of older people are hospitalised each year, suffering serious injury after losing control their mobility scooter or falling from their scooter.

Driving a mobility scooter requires good eyesight, strength, coordination, balance and concentration. It’s also very important that people choose the right type of scooter to meet their needs and to only deal with reputable and authorised suppliers who provide pre-sales advice, basic training and after sales service and support. If you’re thinking about buying a mobility scooter, or you are currently using one, I’d encourage you to call into my office and pick up a brochure entitled “Help Cut Mobility Scooter Accidents”.  

If you’d like a brochure mailed out to you, please telephone our staff from Aged Services on 9669 4640 and they will be happy to pop a copy in the post to you. If you’re interest in attending an information session on mobility scooters, just let my staff or the Aged Services know and, depending on the level of interest, we will look into arranging some sessions.

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