Jul 11, 2011

Metrobus Route 20

Over the last month or so, I’ve received a number of complaints from people down near Botany Town Hall about where and for how long the Metrobus parks between journeys. The service, which runs between Botany and Gore Hill via North now the question of where the buses go has been referred to the Department of Transport for resolution.  

A couple of options have been put forward and we’ll wait for the Department to come back to us. This is a service that is used and one we want to continue to support – in line with Council’s overall commitment to a better and more efficient public transport system. But apart from this service, what I would like to see is a bus feeder service to the Mascot railway station.  In this way our residents could have the opportunity of using the rail system, rather than cars, to get to and from both work and social events.  

If we did have a great public transport system then some of the pressure on our roads and streets would be eased.  Public transport is also the most environmentally sound way of moving large numbers of people. It’s over to the State Government and the Department of Transport to work with local government to get a better public transport system, not just for our City but across all of Sydney. Metronud Touyr 20 terminates in Botany Road at Botany Town Hall but begins its return journey via Edward, Daniel and Banksia streets. The buses park in the side streets, which causes problems for local residents.  We’ve taken it up with State Transit and offered solutions. I will keep residents informed.

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