Sep 19, 2011

Green Machine Gets a Name

After much consideration of the many, many suggestions locals gave Council for a name for our new green cleaning machine (which is already out and about through the shopping strips), we’ve come to a decision.  A few people suggested ‘Hoover’ for the well known cleaner and a word that has entered our vocabularies as a synonym for cleaning up or collecting. Like Shrek, Hoover is a brand name and we don’t want copyright infringements. So, what we’re going with is – “Oova – the Remoova”.  I know it’s not correct English but names of people and machines don’t have to follow exactly the Queen’s English. A close second was “Kasper” after the youngest ever rider of our green machine but then too we could have had copyright problems. We also liked “Envi-ron” as a nice play on words but in the end it’s Oova – the remoova.  Thanks everyone for being part of the fun we had in getting the name.

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