Sep 19, 2011

Some Welcome Returnees to Botany Bay

A mate of mine went fishing on Botany Bay last weekend and came back with some fish (just a few) and a welcome sighting. Along the seawall that runs along Prince of Wales Drive, and resting where the water laps on the concrete groins, were some seals. As well, when they were out in the middle of the bay, a couple of seals surfaced near their boat and showed the fishermen how to fish. While my mate was waiting for a bite, the seals had better luck, catching some fish and throwing them in the air before having their lunch.  That we’ve got seals back in the bay is great news – and we can watch them grow, mate and expand their colonies along the seawall. Shows the improvement in Botany Bay – transformed from a polluted stretch of water into a place where some superb sea creatures now make their home.

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